31 Jul 2011

Tattoo Love

Retro Camera Edtion

In the wolrd of digital photography now I love how these cameras are still held in great awe and respect, even though they were unrealiable sometimes and not always produces a perfect shot, I think now we are always guareented to produce a great shot, and if we dont we can photo edit it!

I  think the resurgence in vintage camera love and admiration is perfect, and these great tattoos show such how many people out there love them! Of course if could just be nostalgia!

This one, has some great old skool stuff with is, a great composition and fantastic depth of colour

Simple Black Shading

Elsies amazing Polaroid! Thats gotta of hurt and I admire her dedication!

Rolleiflex Tattoo.... Part of a sleeve.

This cute Rolleiflex and Rose

'Lived in' Tattoo picture

and this cool Diana, such a pretty camera!

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