1 Aug 2011

For the Love of...

nano blocks

These little blocks of fun are way smaller the Lego, so you can build much more detailed models, we discovered them at Hyper Japan the other week.  They have a much bigger range in Japan, but at the moment we are limited to a few sets, there is the Sights to See range which includes Eiffel Tower and Easter Island Moai Statues! and the Mini Collection Series, which includes animals such as Panda, Pig and Meerkats as well as a Grand Piano and some other goodies too!

Here are our little ones!

You cant yet buy the blocks as a set on their own, to make you own goodies, in the UK,  but hopefully they will be available before Christmas, as I totally want to have a play and see if I can make anything as good as these deigns we saw at Hyper Japan.  Angry Birds anyone?

The base plates and mosaic style pieces below are just crying out to be made into some kinda art or jewellery!

Back Soon

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