10 Jul 2011

Tattoo Love

Russian Doll Edition

I love Russian Dolls, Babushka or Matryoshka.  Whatever you want to call them, they can be so cute!  I love how different they are and everyone take on them can be different!  Here are some great tattoos of them, in all forms!

This great detailed Traditional Russian Doll Tattoo is great, fine outlining, great colour and very pretty flowers, plus some great eyelashes!

Still quite traditional in style, but I love the colour green!

This more cool looking Russian Doll rocks, here hair is so cool, and the addition of hands!

This great little montage of Russian dolls, each holding animals and all with the cutest little faces!

and these great outline online black work trio of Russian dolls for three sisters!

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1 comment:

  1. These are wonderful!
    I'd love to include mine if you ever do an art nouveau edition!

    -Aly @ The Rose Alley