28 Aug 2010

Small Craft

I'm so excited for Rachel and Elise's new class starting Sept! All for the little ones, I'm sure there will be some fantastic projects and just in time for Christmas too!

You can check out the details here!

25 Aug 2010

My 4 Simple Goals!

Having thought long and hard about what 4 Simple Goals I could incorporate more and make my life better as a whole I have decided on.....

1. Start organising our place into a pretty and functional home

2.Crafting for fun and Crafting for money

3.Blogging more to create an online presence and a way of staying at home to be there for my kids

4. Eat Healthier

veggies + fruit repeat!

That's all for now! :)

19 Aug 2010

Thinking of Autumn

Is it bad of me to wish away the summer? Although we haven't had a fantastic one I cant wait for September! Kids back at school, crispy leaves and yummy autumn colours.  Here's something to keep us Autumn lovers going till then...

Beautiful Crochet
l a r k s f o o t

Decorating with Vintage Tones and Colours
In my Kitchen


Out damn cot

Autumnal Wreaths I must Make One!!!!
Abby-Sue's Little Bandit Yarn Wreath

Back Soon!

I've decided to join in the inspiration and fun of  this great idea, mainly because sometimes I need an extra bit of motivation to do fun things and squeezing them into everyday life but also because I love the idea of enriching your life by setting these sorts of goals rather than end orientated ones that we tend to give up on!!!

I'll be back with my 4 goals in the next few days!