21 Jul 2011


We are huge fan of Japanese food in the Parsons household and I try to make sushi whenever someone gets the craving. Although it's much more fun to go Yo Sushi, and not have to stand in the kitchen for hours making it, but alas funds don't always allow so make our own!

First Time Sushi !

My little ones favourite though is Banana Pandan from our local Asian Supermarket!but any kawaii sweet treats go down well!

I made these sugar cookies ages ago, should totally make some more!
Kawaii Cookies

These cupcakes are to die for!
In fact little Rosie is hoping there will be some at Hyper Japan, but we will have to see what treat are in store for us there on Sunday

I also like to include little bento style to the kids lunch boxes, as a cute treat every now and again, nothing can brighten up a day like a smiling biscuit or Hello Kitty Rice Ball! Although I really should try out some of these great ideas

Back Soon!

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  1. How cute! I deffinetly think I am going to start making little faces on my food, makes it look so much sweeter. <3