18 Apr 2012


Wow, I have been a bad blogger, but I do have my reasons!  It started at the beginnning of the year, I have been feeling so run down, exhausted (like napping in the afternoon kinda exhausted) I then came down with the flu and had been feeling mostly like poo for weeks.  So blogging has been on the bottom of my priorities unfortunately!
But I have an excuse....

We are expecting baby No. 3!
We are super excited and a little apprehensive but are mainly super excited to be having a little bundle again.
Because of this and now I have got over the first 3 months of knakeredness! We have plenty to do around our little flat to make it livable for a family of 5, including swapping the kiddos bedroom with ours (as ours is massive)  I cant wait to show some little updates and DIY as I have lots of things that I want to paint and get organised before the baby!

11 Apr 2012

Spring Decorating Inspiration

I am really feeling the whole white on white with splashes of colour, in fact I have been feeling it for a while now, but haven't really been in the decorating mood, our living space can get quite dark as its north facing so I'm hoping a lick of all over white will bring in a much needed brightness, like in these lovely homes below!
 We are currently doing our bathroom, although I say currently, we ripped the tiles off last Easter, hoping to just tile straight back up but when we took them off the plasterboard underneath was soaked and ruined, and it was taken us a whole year to get to the point of having walls again and tiling, hope to share with you soon, a work in progress as we are planning to tile this coming monday!!!! Im so excited at the near possibility of having a shower! (rather than a bath)
 Plus i really need to make some new cushion covers for our living room, I have so many pretty sheets and fabric, I could easily knock a few up!!!