30 Nov 2010

30 before 30

Well today I turned 29 and in the spirit of looking forward to the next year before I turn 30 I have made a list of some things I would like to accomplish, achieve and own at some point over the next 365 days.

1.  Get my Sewing Sleeve Tattoo Finished, Ideally I would love to have this finished before 2011, but we will have to see if that will happen.
2. Run my Blog and Store as a profitable business (related to no.3)
3. Stay at home with my girls and afford to do so! :o)
4. Design and Make Children's Clothes
5. Learn how to Tattoo
6. Make a range of Colouring Books
7. Make the girls curtains for their bunk beds
The best Bunk Beds
8. Finish my Colinette Cushion! Started in 2007! Shocking
9. Restart Running (once the snow clears)
10. Recover my Ironing Board
11. Start Drawing ...Lots!
12. Read
13. Watch a film at least once a month!
14. Keep up with the ironing! (I'm terrible at doing this)
15. Wear Makeup everyday! I'm begging to realise I have reached an age, when I looks 100x better when I take the time and effort to do  my make up everyday.  I look less stressed when I do and I'm in a much happier state of mind when I know I look OK when I walk out the door.
16. Get some DMs, these babies are my favourite!
doc martens
17. I really would love to own at least on of these little treeson toys! preferably one with glasses!
 Baby Treeson Bingo
18. Decorate our bathroom
19. Go to Paris again
20. Catch up with Fringe! I am seriously behind (i.e only watched series 1!)
21. I would love to get rid of our carpet and go for stripped floorboards, I might have been a bit ambitious with this one, but one can only dream
22. Go to the London Tattoo Convention
23. Go to Brighton
24. Have a store selling my goods
25. Learn to Drive 
27. Start thinking about making our family bigger
28. Make some fairylights a permanent fixture in our home, they're so pretty and make life a little more fun!  Which can only be a good thing
29. Embrace turning 30!
30...and have a party

29 Nov 2010

Vintage and Handmade Fair

We had a great time at the Leigh on Sea Vintage and Handmade Fair on Sat! Here's a few pics from my stall...

CreateMakeBake Stall

CreateMakeBake Stall

CreateMakeBake Stall

Here was my outfit for the day! I was so chuffed that my WeLoveColors tights turned up in time! Sad, but its the little things that make my day!
Wardrobe Remix 27/11/2010

I met Fliss from now-voyager which sells these great hair clips, totally not understated but so christmassy!!!  There's a range of all sorts in her shop, and she runs a craft fair!

Back soon xxx