24 Jul 2011

Tattoo Love

Kawaii Edition Part 2 - Hello Kitty

My love for Hello Kitty started when I was a kid and it has always been a real love from the start, although I had to search high and low for Hello Kitty stuff when I was a tenager, now its everywhere! Which is fab as my little girls can get the full fun that is Hello Kitty!

Here are some great Hello Kitty Tattoos

Strawberry Kitty
NEW! NEW! NEW!!!!!

Cute Bike Kitty
Hello Kitty Tattoo

Storm Trooper Kitty - Makes me giggle
hello trooper

Candy Kitty
Hello Kitty Tattoo by Autumn Tierney

Day of the Dead Skull Kitty, Great combo of two different styles
newest tattoo

This emense Halloween Sleeve, with both Black Cat and Ghost Kitty!

and this cute Hello Kitty peeking out!
Hello Kitty.

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