30 Sep 2010

For the love of....

Im so loving this colour at the moment and will be painting our chimney breast in our living room this colour as soon as possible!!!

90-minute Teal Cassette Pillow

This funky Cassette Cushion

♥ teal-phone

Beautiful Vintage Style Phone

The Sleepy Dragonfly

Sushi Cake II

This Cake, which is perfect for me.  Contains all my favourite things!  Cake, Sushi and the Colour Teal!


and of course this of the moment twitter pillow :)

18 Sep 2010

Leigh on Sea Vintage and Handmade Fair

Had a great day today at the fair!  Was a great atmosphere, really busy and a fantastic array of stalls.  I had to really control the urge to spend everything I made and came away with one gorgeous yummy button decorated cupcake...
Button Cupcake
Although it didn't really make it home, as it was so yummy!
I did buy a lovely crochet blanket, which I will take photos of soon, Once I have arranged my living room into autumn mode!

Here's some photos of a few stalls...
Leigh on Sea Vintage and Handmade Fair

Leigh on Sea Vintage and Handmade Craft Fair

There was a beautiful tea shop with proper vintage teacups, teapots, sugar cubes, Cream Teas, Glass
Dome Covered Cakes and Bunting. I didn't get a decent photo but these totally convey the feel

virtual tea party -before

A Classic

Tea cups galore!

think that's enough for now! back soon!!!