7 Jul 2011

New Ink!

Today I got new ink! Yay  There's something exciting about the addition of a new tattoo and this one is super cute too!  Here's a pic, super brand new, just finished!

By the wonderful Iain, of Shamanic Tattoos
I have always wanted some birds somewhere, and have always thought they would be on my chest, but that sort of area is a serious tattoo commitment as its not that easy to cover all the time, so I settled on feet!  I knew they where gonna be super painful, but as Ive had my inside arm done, how bad can it be!?

I had been looking for a certain kind of bird, but haven't had much luck in finding something similar to what I had in mind until I stumbled upon Natalia on Flickr and I was sold!

I got a piece of her art work, modified a bit by me from her Flickr stream ...


Shes very talented and is currently working in a tattoo studio, so I can see why I was drawn to her work! Its the perfect mix for me of traditional tattoo style with lots of colour and kawaii cute! Heres some other goodies too...

new pin ups serie TODOS VENDIDOS

pack dulce kawaii stick a luca

Plus my own little original artwork, by her!


  1. Oh my goodness! how cute is that! I love the cotton candy!