29 Apr 2011

22 Apr 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 23

A song that you want to play at your wedding...

Funny one as I'm already married, so I'll go with our first dance song! Cheesy!

Tattoo Love

Feet Edition

Tattooed Feet by Calypso Tattoo

Simple, but very intricate peacocks


Pretty Bows and Roses

15/365 diamonds on my foot. diamond foot.

another bow, but with a very sparkly diamond

Foot Tattoos

koi carp, not something you see very often on feet, but very nice!

Foot Tattoos

Cool and Dark Bats! Sometimes simple is so great!


Cool Old Skool Birds!Love the colour on these plus how delicate the girl birdies eylashes are

the world is at my feet.

The World at you Feet


and we will finish on this amazing piece of tattoo art! exquisit!

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20 Apr 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 21

A song that you listen to when you are happy...

Wednesday Wish List

Pretty Pretties

These Vintage Inspired Pretties for adorning your self are so gorgeous, as are all the things from each of the shops!  Just click on the pictures to see these great Etsy Sellers



as much as I love vintage style jewellery and accessories, my inner alt girl also cant cope without a good dose of kawaii, cute or tattoo style pretty too!

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17 Apr 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 18

A song from your favourite film...

For the Love of....


Owly tea for me

Pretty Retro Cup and Saucer
Hoo Do You Love?

Photo of the cutest Vintage Owls, by BoopsieDaisy, her photography rocks!

Owl hat

Oh if I had a baby, I would have to have one of these hats!!!!

Plush owls

These Sleepy Owl Plush are too sweet!

Flower Owl

Of course I couldn't leave out Skunkboy Creatures, they are perfection, and I can only hope to own one someday!
Vintage OWLETS and Owl Clock

and Last but not least this AMAZING clock!  I imagine I will never find one of these! but if I do I will die a happy happy girl!!!!

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15 Apr 2011

Tattoo Love

Cupcake Edition

Yummy Cupcake Tattoos, there's are so many styles, mainly cute and pink, here's my pick!

cake with cherry tattoo www.dovmemalzemesi.net

This very realistic one

keep sweet

The Icing on this one, looks great, super texture and lineage


I love how this one sort of glows with the turquoise highlights! Very Cool


Perfect little cupcakes and stars

Cute as a cupcake

This is a great tattoo, working both cupcakes and traditional tattoo work! The addition of the wings, makes it a little different

Pain is beauty

and last but not least this Kawaii Cute One!
With my fetish for food with faces this one won my heart!

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14 Apr 2011

For the Love of....

Pretty Interiors

I really feel the need for some spring summer decorating, and looking back through my flickr favs I found these inspirational rooms

I think i like this!

A Cosy Nook

todd oldham 02

A bright and intetersing room, with fantastic Prints, and I love the little book storate seat under the windows!
Mystery room

Vintage Art and White Walls makes the intereting bits pop

and these pretty cool details that make interiors so intresting...


Intersting Wall Storage


Fairylights, pink and open storage in a kitchen! Theses a lot of my boxes being ticked here!

Elliot's Wall of Games

A very intersting and Alternative idea for wall art in a kids room
painted stairway

I so wish we had some stair to decorate!

Oh, and another one!...

Pretty Crochet Edging, making sleepytime pretty and crafty!

Wicked Vintage Items taking centre stage

and last but not least...
Close Up

Pretty Coat Hangers, make everyday start with a smile!

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13 Apr 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 14

A song that no one would expect you to love...

Wednesday Wish List

I have a real thing for prints, and have been building a collection of artwork from Etsy sellers for a few years now to add to my ever growing collection in my hallway gallery.

I'm really loving these great British artists that I would thought I'd share some love for etsy illustrators!

 These wicked very graphic prints of various cities, including London, Chicago, Bristol and these two gorgeous ones!

 She has also done this great print for The Royal Wedding!  also available as a tea towel in her Etsy shop

Has these inspirational text prints that can only brighten your day, she also does some slightly ruder ones, but have left those for another day!
 She has a great range of different styles and colours to suit everyone!

Has some great Illustrations of little girls and cute animals such as these

This one is my fave though! Such a Beautiful Girl!

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12 Apr 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 13

A song that is a guilty pleasure...

Competition Time!


I thought I would run a little givaway / competition

My little heart felt brooches seem to be favour of the month at the fairs I have been doing, and I want to expand the line, into some different themes so...

What would you like to say on a tattoo heart brooch?

Leave your ideas in the comments box
 If I pick your idea, you will receive a free heart brooch in your design!!!

There is no limit to the amount of entries, or prizes I'll be giving away, so as many good ideas as possible, there could be lots of winners!  So spread the word and tell your friends!

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