27 Jun 2011

For the Love of...


Sorry for the crazy baby post, but have been feeling a little broody of late, especially since we went to the blessing of my latest nephew!  So I apologise sincerely for this post!

Got it out of my system now! :)

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26 Jun 2011

Tattoo Love

Octopus Edition

Here's a little Cephlapod Tattoo Inspiration

This great looking colourful sleeve, not realistic but epic, and I love the background!

This amazing Shoulder Piece, is fantastic work, great subtle colour work

A simple black shading one


This superb work in progress, Under the Sea Sock!

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20 Jun 2011

For the Love of...

Cool Organising

I really love organising, although quite amusingly I really am rubbish as keeping it up!  I just cant help it I'm a super messy person!  Ever since I was a teenager my room has always been a bin, and now I live in our own little flat, I have found that my mess has gown to fill all of the rooms! 

I can only aspire to having these well run organising techniques working in practise!

I really need to set up a paperwork storage area like this, we seem to have never ending piles of paperwork, drawings, letters from school etc!  I love the fact its on the back of the door, sadly we don't have any doors in our living space, apart from the front door or bedrooms, and both places seem a little silly to have this on!

Great Tidiness!

Fantastic idea, and easy to find things, but I have a feeling there is a lot of wasted space, therefore not as economical to run as you'll be cooling air!

I have always loved Pantry's they remind me of being a little girl , because one of your relatives had one.  We have now converted our under the stair storage into a pantry, just not as pretty as this one.  Although it is pretty organised in there!

Such a neat idea for storing cleaning products, rather than in a box where you cant see what they actually are and have to take out each one before you find the window cleaner!

Such an Ingenious way of storing bedding is you have lots of different types, although I don't have as many duvet sets in our little home to warrant doing this yet!

This One I have actually implemented as my hubby seems to HAVE to keep every cable that we have ever had, just in case my might need one!  You Never Know!  Such a great way of keeping them organised and not tangled! Plus its technically free, as is normally something we just recycle Whoo Hoo!

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19 Jun 2011

Tattoo Love

Floral Edition

This amazing Sleeve of realistic foral designs is really intense


This Pretty Abstract Poppy


Super Brights!


and last....

This really interesting Leg Piece, Such an original design! I love it!

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18 Jun 2011

Beach Bash Bosh!

We went off to Roller Derby today and what a fun time!  I took my goodies to sell with the bonus of watching my local team Seaside Sirens vs Brighton Rockers.  Here's me looking a bit silly posing for my hubby!

I made these new Large Badges for the Roller Derby Lovers!  They went really well and only have 2 left to go in the shop, I'll be making some new ones for next time! I made myself one too to go on my new denim waistcoat!  Its my new fav item in my wardrobe.

Unfortunately we lost 16 - 281, which was sad, but I have to hand it to the Brighton Rockers who where super speedy and nifty at getting those jammers through the pack!  Here's some shots of the day!

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13 Jun 2011

For the Love of...

Pretty Pyrex

Theres something about Pyrex that always draws me in, and I know that there are alot of Fans and collectors our there, here are some pictures that I am loving! My collection is nothing on these beauties though!

This has to be my favourite pic, although these is a fiar bit of non pyrex, I hope I'm excused for the prettiness

Cool Retro Colour Collection

Super Pretty Pastel Pinks

New Dots Set Complete!

Yummy Dots!  I have never seen this in person, but love them!

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12 Jun 2011

Tattoo Love

Owl Edition

I really love owls, heres some of my fav tattoo ones

This impressive arty one

This little Reto Book Loving one


This Black work one

and last but not least this super pretty colourful one!

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10 Jun 2011

Feel Good Friday

Whilst I have been perusing around Pinterest I have found some great Quotes, Sayings and Life affirming or Inspirational Wordy Things.

Sometimes Life can be really pants and  you need reminding that Life is Good or if your feeling down you need a little lift.  I'll try my best to always keep them positive!

So I though I would start another weekly posting, but just a little one.  So today we are starting with...

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6 Jun 2011

For the Love of....

Rainbow Food

A great combo of two of my favourtie things!

Rainbows and cool food, cake, jelly, biscuits and the like, theres alot of sugar in this post, but hey why not!  Theres a healthy option too though!

These two great ideas for serving rainbow jelly!

Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Cookies! A must!

Super Duper Rainbow Cake, I normally see these with white frosting but the addition on using the

icing as additional colours in the rainbow! Genious!

And after all that sugar, something a little Healthier!

Fruit Veg and Rice Bento!

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5 Jun 2011

Tattoo Love

Heart Edition

I really love hearts and espeically tattoo ones, but they can be quiete traditional so though I would share some original heart tattoos, that are little different! 

This amazing Heart Locket Chest Piece has so much colour!

Hart Locket and Key

This Pretty but pale Lacey Heart

This Amazing Back Piece, a heart made with hands! plus roses, it has to be in my top tattoos!

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3 Jun 2011


What a busy month May was, can't believe my last post was a month ago!  I promise I will announce the winners of my Tattoo Heart Brooch as soon as I have finished a batch of them for fairs!

May has wizzed past without me even noticing as we had so much to do and June doesnt seem to be showing any signs of slowing up, so please bear with me, heres a little catch up!  Then I'm gonna start of my weekly posts again!

We had lots of Kids Parties to go to!

We managed to squeeze 2 Date Nights in, and saw Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides

Got new Ink added to my Sewing Sleeve! Yay!  I have been waiting to this since November, and it has just been one thing after another of having to delay it!  The background clouds are the newest addition, not a great photo as its a iPhone pic!

We went Roller Derby for the first time!  I had a stall and got to watch at the same time, and met some great people!  We will be at the next one too!  Can't wait!

We also had lots of Bank Holidays and the School Half Term, whish ended up with lots of DIY, so I currently have no tiles or walls in my bathroom, which means, no Showers only baths at the moment, which is really beginning to drag now!

Plus the weather has been great this last week, so beach picnics, Paddling Pools and Sunburn have been the order of the day!

Back Soon!