31 Jul 2011

Tattoo Love

Retro Camera Edtion

In the wolrd of digital photography now I love how these cameras are still held in great awe and respect, even though they were unrealiable sometimes and not always produces a perfect shot, I think now we are always guareented to produce a great shot, and if we dont we can photo edit it!

I  think the resurgence in vintage camera love and admiration is perfect, and these great tattoos show such how many people out there love them! Of course if could just be nostalgia!

This one, has some great old skool stuff with is, a great composition and fantastic depth of colour

Simple Black Shading

Elsies amazing Polaroid! Thats gotta of hurt and I admire her dedication!

Rolleiflex Tattoo.... Part of a sleeve.

This cute Rolleiflex and Rose

'Lived in' Tattoo picture

and this cool Diana, such a pretty camera!

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25 Jul 2011

For the Love of...

Yesterday we went to Hyper Japan and had a great day. Fantastic food, lots of fun, cute and wonderfully cool things to purchase and some great fashion!

The little ones where very tired, which made the day a little hard at times, but when they discovered Edame Beans 2 pots for £1 they where happy! Simple wants my two girls!

The previous day had been spoken about on the twitter and facebook networks about how super busy it was and that there where huge queues and people who couldn't get in, so we set of super early and got there just after the doors had opened, there was a bit of a queue but nothing compared to the queue when we left at about 3pm!

This was taken when we came out, and the queue was literally all the way down to the point of the big pink arrow on the picture...plus round the corner! Blimey!

I did feel really sorry for everyone who was left in the queue at the point I heard a door guy say that they where at capacity and it was one in one out! But on the plus point, it was obviously a huge success so I look forward to a bigger and better one next year!
Here are some pics of choice from the day, I'm going to share a few pics now, and save some for some more posts later in the week.

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24 Jul 2011

Tattoo Love

Kawaii Edition Part 2 - Hello Kitty

My love for Hello Kitty started when I was a kid and it has always been a real love from the start, although I had to search high and low for Hello Kitty stuff when I was a tenager, now its everywhere! Which is fab as my little girls can get the full fun that is Hello Kitty!

Here are some great Hello Kitty Tattoos

Strawberry Kitty
NEW! NEW! NEW!!!!!

Cute Bike Kitty
Hello Kitty Tattoo

Storm Trooper Kitty - Makes me giggle
hello trooper

Candy Kitty
Hello Kitty Tattoo by Autumn Tierney

Day of the Dead Skull Kitty, Great combo of two different styles
newest tattoo

This emense Halloween Sleeve, with both Black Cat and Ghost Kitty!

and this cute Hello Kitty peeking out!
Hello Kitty.

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21 Jul 2011

Polyvore Fun!

Grown Up Kawaii Rocks


We are huge fan of Japanese food in the Parsons household and I try to make sushi whenever someone gets the craving. Although it's much more fun to go Yo Sushi, and not have to stand in the kitchen for hours making it, but alas funds don't always allow so make our own!

First Time Sushi !

My little ones favourite though is Banana Pandan from our local Asian Supermarket!but any kawaii sweet treats go down well!

I made these sugar cookies ages ago, should totally make some more!
Kawaii Cookies

These cupcakes are to die for!
In fact little Rosie is hoping there will be some at Hyper Japan, but we will have to see what treat are in store for us there on Sunday

I also like to include little bento style to the kids lunch boxes, as a cute treat every now and again, nothing can brighten up a day like a smiling biscuit or Hello Kitty Rice Ball! Although I really should try out some of these great ideas

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20 Jul 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

There are some great sellers and makings out there especially on Etsy, here's a selection of goodies from my favourite sellers of the kawaii variety!

mymimi sell the cutest cushions and decorative pillows, the problem being that you have to choose which one!

 she also sells some other cute stuff, with similar designs! Go check it out!

These great little cross stitch patterns from DisorderlyStitches could be used for all sorts, and definitely going to think about making something for my girls with these on!

These cute little science beakers!

and my fave smiling sushi!
Kuma Crafts had a great offer the other day through Hearsty  and I finally got round to ordering one of these beauties!  Her designs are fantastic and SO cute!

These Bookends are absolutely amazing!

and last but not least my current UK favourite kawaii shop has to be Asking for Trouble
Her graphic deigns are just too cute, she also has a great blog and some great zines!

She has wide range of products so there must be something for everyone, she also sells her deigns on fabric at spoonflower! 

Anyway, that's it for now!

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18 Jul 2011

For the Love of...

Cute Art!

There are some amazing cute kawaii inspired artists and illustrators out on the web, heres a few you should definately check out!

Frenchie pals ^w^

From A to Z ^w^

The fantastic Paris and French Alphabet is by Silvia of hellobuku her blog, filled with allsorts of goodies, both her own great illustrations and other kawaii goodies!

Another favourite is Jerrod Mayruyama

Preview Image

Kawaii Wedding Card - Champagne

You can buy these images and much much more at the store casakawaii.com

plus there are these amazing kawaii takes on classic characters!

Toy Story 3

These two images crack me up!  I'm not even a major coffee drink but the kawainess of the first one, might convince me to get this print in my kitchen!  Plus the Milk picture just makes me smile!

Also loving this Etsy Shop Acrylicana  here's 2 of my favourite prints available in the shop

She has a great range of art, jewellery and all sorts on her shop, definitely worth a look!

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17 Jul 2011

Tattoo Love

Kawaii Edition Part 1

As part of the run up to Hyper Japan Im doing a fully kawaii edition, Kawaii can encompass so much, so heres a little general run down of some of my favourite kawaii tattoos out there!

Cupcake Tattoo 2

This little cupcake, with deathly skull cherry detail


cookie loves milk tattoo
These great tattoos on the same person!
toast and c.cake tattoos

Half Sleeve
Pretty cute Upper Sleeve, with possibly the cutest sun ever!

Hannari Tofu, I love these things they are possible the cutest

Of course cant not include this amazing sleeve of the lovely ladybastard_harajuku

This tiny cute little design makes me smile

Next weeks Tattoo Love Post will be dedicated to Hello Kitty!

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