31 Dec 2010

Handmade Christmas...Play Shop

Well.. I never got to post about this before Christmas as I was still up hand finishing pieces at midnight Christmas Eve but hey ho, better late than never.

Toy Market Stall Shop

All over shot of the shop/market stall we found second hand.  Its originally from Early Learning Centre and even though I was planning on building one, this is much better and only cost £10

The canopy is made from a vintage pillowcase cost about 50p from a boot fair, and all the sparkly glue, felt and fleece I already had as I am a bit of a hoarder!

and some close ups of my handmade felt food....

Cinnamon Whirls, Swiss Roll and Seeded Rolls Close up

Felt Macaroons and Cookies

Felt Jammy Heart Biscuits and Cookies

19 Dec 2010

For the Love of....

Faux Bois (or Fake Wood)

I'm kinda loving these this theme at the moment, its totally kitsch in the best possible way and I have been slowly moving away from pale wood over to the dark side so to speak.  It started with a mid century side board which is identical to the one my Nan still owns (but my mother has laid claim to)

So here are some fantastic ways to get that little bit of Faux bois in your life and home.

heart pillow

This cute cushion, small and perfectly formed

This Fridge from Delightfully Tackys' blog is superb!  I first saw it over on Elsie's blog, then on another blog which I cant remember (as that is one of my major weaknesses...reading blogs).  This is definitely one to go on my possible decor changes for 2011!

Morning Wood, faux bois

These ties just kill me! Possibly the coolest and craziest thing I have ever seen, not sure I could convince hubby to don one of these though.

How about a extremely stylish Laptop Case available from HunterGatherer  They also sell lots of other cool wood grain products like, an IPhone Case, Skateboard Deck, Cushion, Magazine Stand and a wallet!  They obviously love wood grain too!

Upcycled jars

These up cycled jars, with faux bois contact paper (or fablon for us UK residents)  what a great way for using old jars as a cool storage idea

Pile of Logs!

A little pile of fake logs cushions!
Wood Grain Chucks

and last but not least Faux Bois Converse Chucks!  Could life get any better than these?

16 Dec 2010

Tattoo inspired Goodies to own!!!!

Im totally in love with all things tattoo style as im designing a range of alt toys and purses for my shop come the new year, here are some beatuiful things I have found along the way....

This gorgeous necklace from Wicked Minky's Etsy Shop which I await eagerly for in the new year!!!!!!

Emily Peacock Hope cushion

This amazing Emily Peacock Tapestry Cushion is LOVE but alas i have way too many projects on the go and I also think my hubby has enough trouble with the amount of cushions on our sofas as it is!

Just in time for mother's day...

Super cute knitted plush heart!!!!!

'Do What You Love' bag

I think the sentiment behind this statement is great and I totally agree with it, also its a re-usable bag so totally green and cool at the same time! So double Yay!  Having found this image, I then walked into Primark yesterday and saw the most amazing tattoo image reusable tote! So of course had to get one!  In fact I may pop back and get another and have a giveaway! 

"Tattoo" dress for my niece Emily

and this dress is adorable for the little ones of alternative parents!  As much as I like high street clothing from H&M and stuff, nothing beats homemade or vintage and something a little alternative for the kids too!

5 Dec 2010

For the Love of....

Beautiful Vintage Tins!

Vintage Candy Tin

Daher tin trays
Technically these are trays, but have to be one of the best designs I have seen so have to be included

This is so practical! And looks nice too!
Fantastic Storage Idea

These are a few of my favorite Tins.........

Knitting and Quality Street.

And this pretty set up and amazingly pretty collection of vintage Quality Street Tins

2 Dec 2010

Decided that today I would start on the Christmassing?! (is that even a word) of our flat. Tree is up and decorated, I have also installed some fairy lights on our shelves in the living room, but I don't like the new LED White lights, was too cold and not warm enough! Bring back old school lights! Anyone have any ideas about where to get white cabled warm lights? In the UK let me know! Please! :)

Just a few close ups of our tree

Christmas Tree Close Up

Christmas Tree Close Up

Christmas Tree Close Up
We also have had loads of snow (for us South in the UK) which means the schools where closed today, hence Snowman building was on the agenda, although Rosie decided it should be Hello Kitty (a girl with taste). Here is our attempt, doesn't look very Hello Kitty like, but its definitely a cat! lol
Hello Kitty? Cat Snowman

1 Dec 2010

Tattoo Love

Here's is some beautiful Tattoo Inspiration...


I don't normally fall for black only tattoos, having said that my first tattoo was only black outline, but I knew then that it would eventually be a sleeve, but this tattoo has to be one of the most beautiful ones I have seen.  All in the detail I feel and the design is perfectly balanced

This Gorgeous Owl, beautiful colour work and that diamond heart is squee!


These super cute and full of meaning Russian Dolls, a shared Tattoo between three sisters


This one had to be included! A tattoo, and Buttons what more could one ask for!

old school keyhole tattoo

I also love this, the colours are great and the design is something I have never seen anywhere before.  I have a rubber stamp with four different vintage style Keyholes and I have always thought that it would make a wicked tattoo, then I found this beauty!  I may have to re visit the keyhole idea at some point in the future.