21 Nov 2011

York Part 1

A couple of weeks ago our little family headed off on a jaunt upto York and Leeds for a short break over the half term and things have been so busy since we got back getting stuff ready for christmas and the like, plus all my fairs that I have coming up, I totally forgot to post about it! Doh!

So heres some lovely York pictures...

York Castle 

York Castle spiral stair case 



We went to the most amazing button shop EVER, Duttons for Buttons, the ladies where very nice and let me take some photos to show you of their amazing shop!  I was very reserved as money was a bit tight and I could have spent £100's in there, but as I didnt NEED any buttons I just let biggest pick some for me to sew onto a cardi for her!

York Duttons for Buttons 

York Duttons for Buttons 

York Duttons for Buttons 

York Duttons for Buttons 

York Duttons for Buttons 


20 Nov 2011

Little Blog Round Up

There's been some great things going about in the blog world recently that I really wanted to share

KaelahBee's Blog E-Book!  really inspirational and with some great hints and tips for newbies (me) and old timers, I am sure there is something in there for everyone!

Kaelahbee Honeybean Blog marketing e-book
This amazing Heart Jumper tutorial...
heart jumper tutorial

Elsies amazingly simple DIY Fabric covered boxes! Its so hard sometimes to find nice, pretty and cool storage boxes! Can't beleieve I didnt think of this before, plus a great way to use of some of my ammassed fabric! elsie flannigan ameatifulmess fabric covered boxes diy

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14 Nov 2011

My Faux Crystal Shoes Part 2

Last Week I announced that I was taken on this epic task! well, the acrylic diamante turned up in the post and I started on my shoes, but then the little ones spied them, and then my biggest wanted a pair of shoes, so using the other colour I ordered I went about sticking approx 1000 of the little stones on a pair of £4.99 ballet flats from H&M, plus a third of my Stones £4 what a bargin for such a beautiful pair of shoes!

Heres a peek of my biggests ones!

Kids Diamante Sparkly Shoes 
They are Black AB (if you wanted to know)

and here is the progress on mine, not very far so far! My New Years Eve Shoes diamante covered encrusted WIP 
I really need to make sure I do a bit each week, so that they are done before New Years,
although my friend has now nabbed me to do a pair for her too!
Looks like I'll be busy non stop with these little sparkles! 


11 Nov 2011

Feel Good Friday


Harry Potter Cupcakes

My sisters friend really wanted a golden snitch cake for his 21st, so she came to me to ask if I could make one, I have never made a round ball cake before so managed to talk her into doing some cupcakes instead, so there where Golden Snitches, Harry Potter Font 21's and some House Crests of Gryffindor etc all with a general sprinkling of corresponding glitter, because lets face it you can never have enough glitter!
Prepping the  Harry Potter Cupcake golden snitch Wings Icing Decorations 
Here's the Prepping and Cutting out of the fondant icing decorations to go on the cake, 
so they had some time to dry out so they could be picked up easier Snitch WingsHarry Potter Cupcake golden snitch Wings Icing Decorations 
Close up of the Snitch Wings, Pearlised and with a tiny sprinkle of 
Holographic Silver glitter along the edges Golden Snitches Harry Potter Cupcake golden snitch Wings Icing Decorations 
Golden Snitches, been sprayed with gold lustre! Man that stuff gets everywhere! Harry Potter Harry Potter Cupcake golden snitch Wings Icing Decorations Cupcakes 
Some more prepping there, including my aqua sky icing for the snitches Harry Potter Cupcakes HarryPotter Cupcake golden snitch Wings Icing Decorations 
and here are the finished versions! HarryPotter Cupcakes Harry Potter Cupcake golden snitch Wings Icing Decorations 
Here they are ready to be picked up in my Cupcake Carrier! Surely the best invention ever! I would thoroughly recommend if you have a friend that loves to bake, you can also take the cupcake holders out and put one massive cake in there! Harry Potter Cupcakes 
and here's a peek of the mess during! I'm such a messy worker! Harry Potter Cupcake Prep


7 Nov 2011

My faux Crystal Shoes Part 1

I found these shoes the other week in New Look, they are such great shoes that I will be going back to get another pair to keep as they are, but these beauties are to become something entirely different for New Years!

I'm not a big designer girl, but I do appreciate the beauty in these amazing shoes!!!!

But unfortunately I do not have £6000 for those shoes, so I'm doing a little DIY! Now, I'm not a sparkly shoes everyday girl I'm not even a real heels girl everyday, but I trying to branch out from the converse, so I have these great shoes that I'm going to transform, I also went with a slightly chunkier heel as they need to be slightly more practical!

Faux Shoes Before

I started by painting over the shoe in white acrylic, because sadly I could find a nice comfy 
shoe in white!

Faux Shoes Stage 2

Faux Shoes Stage 1
Then I added a layer of sparkly flexible fabric glue to protect the paint
Faux Shoes Stage 2

My next job is to stick 3000 diamante on the shoes! 

I ummed and erred over Swarovski vs acrylic Diamante and decided that the £13 acrylic ones will do as a test run, If I love them then perhaps I will invest the £100 I would need to spend on real Swarovski, I know they wont sparkle as much as the real thing, but sometime costs are what makes the decision! 

I'll Keep you posted when they are done! 


6 Nov 2011

Thorpe Bay Vintage fair

I went off to the new Vintage and Homemade craft fair in Thorpe Bay today and had a great day!

DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair

Here's so pics of the loveliness!
With a pop up tea room on the stage!

I met the lovely Caroline from Vintage Honeypot, who sells these great Vintage Bus Signs, really nice to see some local ones too, although as a London Born girl, my heart yearns for a Central Line one!  Go check out her shop by clicking on the Pic below...
DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair

Also the lovely corsages from ReVintage Bling, my two girls brought a little crochet flower hair clip each, and I brought a triple yarn flower brooch/hairgrip! Scroll down, you can see me wearing it, whilst posing with my stall!
DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair

Here's some other pics of the fair and general loveliness
DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair

Also met the fantastic textile artist of Pinkworks

DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair
she makes unique little creatures, which are too cute with a great mix of fabrics!

 Here's me and my stall, please excuse my crazy look! I'm not sure why I look so crazed, but it was the end on a long day and hubby kept taking photos so I'm blaming him!
Create Make Bake's Stall

Speak of the devil, here he is, poking his cheeky mug out from behind the stall!
DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair

Last but not least a little peek of some of the goodies, I have been making these little twirly skirts, they are my new obsession, so keep your eyes peeled for some great vintage fabrics to come, I'll have lots more at the next Leigh on Sea Vintage Fair on the 3rd Dec!
DottieSparkle Vintage and Homemade Fair

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