8 Jan 2011

For the Love of....

Rainbow Brights

I do love rainbows, always have so thought I would share some of my favs from flickr...
Here though first is my own little tattooed rainbow.  The design is based on Elise Flannigans cloud that features in her dress up foxes set, it is part of my sleeve that I'm getting finished on Wednesday

and here some other yummy rainbow things that I have been loving!

Resin Rings!

Rainbow Food, its a strange concept eating bright colour food, but a fun one!  I have never seen this particular cereal but my hubby every year for Christmas get a box of Fruit Loops!

Fruity Pebbles

These jellies would make a great kids party pudding or treat, lots of work but totally worth it

Rainbow Jello

Heres my go at Rainbow Pancakes! Inspired by one of my Flickr Favs, I could get them as dark as proper rainbows, but still pretty and yummy at the same time : )

Picture (26)

This beautiful hair, makes me want to bleach my hair again and dye it crazy colours, but I dont think my hair would take it at the moment, so I will be staying with black for the time being.


and I'll leave you with my fav footwear of choice....
rainbow converse

x x x x x x x

2 Jan 2011

For the Love of....

Pretty Pastels

Here's some pretty goodies to inspire for the new year.  As much as I love Christmas and everything that goes with it, I also love the coming of the new year, looking forward to spring and being newly inspired and motivated to get moving and going with new projects, ideas and colours so here we go...

7 Layer Doily Cake!

These fantastic collection of coloured doilies! Who would want these :)

pastel flowers

Vintage Pastel Buttons = YUM!

I LOVE!! Ex Cute Azone Miu *_*

This doll!  Yes I know I'm an adult, but I do still love collecting toys

Elin´s room

Pretty light and Pastel rooms.  I really need to get out our white paint and get going with eliminating all the magnolia in our flat.  We have started but it seems to be taking an age to finish everywhere!

Crochet scarf close-up

Super Candy Pastel Scarf for those days when its a bit too nippy to be without cosy accessory's

My New Shelving Unit

and this cool but retro display of original My Little Pony's.  Pretty, Cute and Retro what more could one want