11 Jul 2011

For the Love of...


Is much as I love pink, I try to limit its impact on my two little girls, I don't like the concept that pink is for girls and princess, and what that leads to as they get older.  I'm probably super paranoid about pink and making sure my girls have a balanced love of colour. 

But having said that there's nothing wrong with a good dose of pinkness every now and again!  Here's some pretty pinkness for you to enjoy!

Pretty and Bright Building!

Cool Pink Stationary

This amazing Ice Cream machine, comes in other colours, but the Pink one pulls me more!

These amazing plates from Pip Studio there website is just for looking, you need to go find a shop that stock their goodies, but they are so pretty!  I saw these in Liberty London a while ago and am still debating them.  I really want to replace my hugely weighty Jamie Oliver White ones, but not sure how I feel about patterned plates?!  Even if there are super pretty ones!

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