4 Jul 2011

For the Love of...

Beautiful Coloured Hair

I love it when I have my crazy coloured hair and having had 6 months off I'm back on the Bleach/Dye cycle of multi colour fun.  I think the thing that makes my giggle the most if peoples reactions to it, its always the older generation that seem so positive about it.  In fact my mum prefers my hair pink than black, as she things black is "too goth".

I am an incredibly fickle at times, hence the non permanent fun colours enable me to change my hair as my mood suits!  Its all cool, especially in the summer! Here's my current colour, kinda Turquoise Green!

hipstamatic self portait

Heres some other girls rocking the Turquoise Blue Hair, its actually my favourite colour tonal wise, I find Pink Hair sometimes a little to fluro and glowing, but maybe that just me!

Although I do love pink hair on others!

Plus this amazing Hair, I wish I had the time and patience to do this, but I am wondering about colours bleeding into each other!?

Back Soon

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