25 Jul 2011

For the Love of...

Yesterday we went to Hyper Japan and had a great day. Fantastic food, lots of fun, cute and wonderfully cool things to purchase and some great fashion!

The little ones where very tired, which made the day a little hard at times, but when they discovered Edame Beans 2 pots for £1 they where happy! Simple wants my two girls!

The previous day had been spoken about on the twitter and facebook networks about how super busy it was and that there where huge queues and people who couldn't get in, so we set of super early and got there just after the doors had opened, there was a bit of a queue but nothing compared to the queue when we left at about 3pm!

This was taken when we came out, and the queue was literally all the way down to the point of the big pink arrow on the picture...plus round the corner! Blimey!

I did feel really sorry for everyone who was left in the queue at the point I heard a door guy say that they where at capacity and it was one in one out! But on the plus point, it was obviously a huge success so I look forward to a bigger and better one next year!
Here are some pics of choice from the day, I'm going to share a few pics now, and save some for some more posts later in the week.

Back Soon

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