8 Apr 2011

Tattoo Love

Chest Piece Edition

I adore chest piece tattoos, threre's something undeniably cool and super edgy about them and so many different ones here's some favourites of mine...


This pretty traditional style one

Finished insect tattoo

I Love and Hate this one, I love it because its a completely custom piece and can appreciate the workmanship, design and time gone into it, as art it is beautiful.  But... its insects and that is not a favourite of mine! especially big scary close ups!
diane chest 1

This pretty delicate one

hell hath no fury...

This one is cool too, hearts, birds lots of black work! Ticks all the boxes

and I couldn't complete a Tattoo Love Chest Edition this one! from Dainty Squid 
Sewing, Craft and Tattoos are my fave!

Back Soon! xxx

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