9 Apr 2011

For the Love of....

Beautiful Crochet

Since my Thrifty Find the other day I have been a little bit obsessed with crochet, even got out a few of my books to have a play and try new things.  My Crochet is only as good as general Granny Squares, and standard chain, double or triple crochet straight lines, I dream of being able to make anything half as beautiful as these gorgeous finds!  Very Talented people out there!

Summer Applique Flowers

Pretty Flowers, So simple and I must admit I have had a go at these, but mine are no where near as pretty!

Crochet Jardim Collection

and cute cactus plants, I have zero success with indoor plants, and we have even had real cactus' but even they dies on me!  Maybe these pretties are the answer to my non Green Fingers

Pink Cupcake Trivet

Cant go wrong with cupcakes, and crochet cupcakes at that!  These even have a purpose of Pot Holder Trivets so you don't ruin worktops, tables or pretty vintage tablecloths!

Crochet cupcakes with sprinkles

These ones are cute too, but not as practical, but still who could resist

Chinese touch

Pentagon Granny Flowers, such a great colour combo

crochet star rainbow

and star Granny's!  what a great idea, not sure what Id do with them though? cute bunting perhaps?

crocheted dinosaurs sets 1 and 2

Oohh cute Toys!!


And this gorgeous Granny Square blanket!  This reminds my to get mine out that my nanny made for me!  Would make a great spring edition to our living room, which could do with some brightening up!

Bye for now!  Am off to make some more button magnets for Vintage Vogue Tomorrow!

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