5 Apr 2011

New Goodies

Here's a little selection of what I have been working on... Pocket Mirrors and Little Badges.

Using a variety of vintage and new fabric, vintage picture book images, and some alternative and kawaii.

I love the originality of the picture book ones, everyone is different and one of a kind, so when they go in the shop (after the weekend)  there's only one of each!

 These are some other designs, the two on the left, using vintage fabric.  Top right shows a selection of slightly more alternative ones, and bottom right Kawaii Milk ones!

Plus some little 1 inch badges! So cute, these are the few that I made, but there will be lots more too!

What a great process being able to make these beauties!  I'm also going to offer custom orders as they would make great bridesmaids gifts, or favours so weddings or little girls parties!

1 comment:

  1. These are really lovely. I've never seen buttons look so classy! =) x