7 Apr 2011

For the Love of....

Cute Smiley Things

I have a real love for all things inanimate with a face, there just something that brings a smile to my face and makes the day seem a little better, when cute things have faces!  I'm really rather partial to food with faces, so thought I'd share some smiley cute love...

Cute Sweets Collage

Better Together

Of course, no post about smiley food and cute things can be complete without mentioning the amazing Heidi Kenney!  Her donuts have always been a fave, but the new plush versions from Kid Robot are my fave, I am yet to own any of these beauty's...


and these mini versions are next on my list!  So going on my tree at Christmas if I can get my hands on some

Make your own cute food with Kitschy Digitals Embroidery Pattern

Or these cute cupcakes!

puccho (japanese candy) cupcakes!!!

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  1. so cute. i'm such a sucker for buying anything with a smiling face :)