4 Apr 2011

For the Love of....

Fantastical Ponies and Unicorns

Here's some pretty ponies...

My New Shelving Unit

As a child I had these ponies, and they remind me of good times, now my little girls are starting to like them too! although they don't make them anymore like this.  I have a few from 2000ish that I brought and put away, SO glad I'm a hoarder, as now I don't have to hunt them down.  I have also had a few thrift finds to add to the girls collection, but it doesn't compare to the collection above, which I have admired on Flickr for a while now.

I also love this my little pony drawing by a great girl who works in a tattoo studio, I first found her randomly on Flickr, and am a big fan of her work.  Its the best mix of kawaii, tattoo style illustration.


I'm also a big collector of toys, which some people might think is a bit random for someone who's approaching 30, but its fun! Id love some of these cute Tokodoki Unicorns.

Tokidoki Unicorns

Plus these great etsy finds...

Nut and Bee Illustrations

The Poppy Tree prints of cute angelic unicorn girls

and PinkyToasts' cute but more alternative pin up take on the unicorn girl!

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  1. i'm thinking of getting a my little pony tattoo :)