3 Apr 2011

Pretty Hair

I used to bleach and dye my hair pretty colours, here's some photos of old me!!! 

Aqua and Lilac, Cerise and then standard Black (looking a bit crazy lol)

but then one day I over did the bleach and frazzled my hair! So I have had to go back to a standard colour and give my hair a bit of a rest, which is sad as I miss my pretty hair.  Its been about 6 months now and I'm feeling a bit fidgeting on the colour front

When I saw Kaelahs'  pretty pink wig I was sold! 

and with all the Etsy seller fiasco I sadly popped over to eBay to get one shipped from China, what a bargain!  As much as I hate buying like that, and would much rather purchase from a independent seller and creator, but hey ho!

So here's the new me with wig! Quite amusing, but I love having pink hair again and strangely long hair, as I normally hate my hair if it goes over my shoulders, so I have a feeling I might be deciding to grow it out.
I will be wearing this weekend out for the first time at Vintage Vogue Fair in Brentwood!

Really looking forward to it and have loads of new goodies to show, will put up some sneak peeks tomorrow after I have finished them!!!

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