7 Aug 2011

Tattoo Love

Vintage Edition

 I keep seeing various vintage tattoos popping up, some are amazing detailed copies of original vintage images and illustrations, others are inspired by the greatness that is vintage.  Heres some vintageage inspiration of the tattooed kind.

This great shaded pile of vintage suitcases

These cute little dutch girls

This pile of vintage teacups, loving the little pile of cherries in the top one! Yum

This great inspired vintage manniquin and dress, with all its little details, the key necklace, and the lock on the waistline. Adorable

and this little selection of vintage girls

Plus this super vintage kitty, looks like its right off of a vintage greetings card, both vintage and kitsch! and super cute too!

Obviously my Love for him is also because he is holding a little basket of crafting goodies!

Back Soon

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