22 Aug 2011

First of the Chutneys!

Autumn is just around the corner, and its cooking apples (or any apples for that matter) season!  My Uncle turned up with a massive carrier bag full of cooking apples, so I am planning on working my way through the bag in a variety of ways

First Batch from the Parsons household is Storecupboard Chutney, nothing more I love than a recipe that uses stuff I already have! Now as we are a small family of 4 there is so much jam and Chutney you can use in a year or two, so having planned to give away some as Christmas gifts, I had purchased some beautiful red polka dot lids! 

You can basically use any bulk fruit, apple, pear, plums, even mango it says so in the book, although I'm thinking that I'm not just going to stumble upon 1.5kg of Mango growing in the UK! Which is a shame because I bet that would be yummy!

Plus the addition of over half a kilo of dried fruit makes it super quick to make, as it thickens up nice and quick! This bath was standard apricot, date and sultanas, all cut up super fine, as we don't like big lumps!

Here is is in all its cooking glory, it was at this stage that the cooking apples where not going to break down enough, so I had to mash them! But what we ending up with was this beautiful dark soft chutney below! 
Theres those spotty lids! All ready for Labeling!

Next on the list is Rosemary Jelly, using more of the cooking apples!

Back Soon

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