14 Aug 2011

Tattoo Love


Super pretty and delicate feathers and dream catchers  always remind me of travelling and being free, probably because they are floaty and subtle

This great Dreamcatcher, is super cool

The subtle colour tips on these, and the little beads makes it quite tribal looking

This pretty Feather one, great placement

Another, but smaller Dreamcather, for my inner hippy!

Small and Understated

Exotic peackcock Plume in all its coloured glory

Not sure, what bird its from, but its a great life like feather

Another Peackock feather, in a different colourway and placement proving that thes best tattoos are never copied! It's one of my love of tattoos is just how differnt each artist and person can interperet each idea

and last but not lest this tiny feather...

Plus its a sort of little mini rainbow, tucked away!  I'm quite liking the behind the ear tattoos at the moment, maybe a whole TattooLove post for those?

Back Soon

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