1 Dec 2010

Tattoo Love

Here's is some beautiful Tattoo Inspiration...


I don't normally fall for black only tattoos, having said that my first tattoo was only black outline, but I knew then that it would eventually be a sleeve, but this tattoo has to be one of the most beautiful ones I have seen.  All in the detail I feel and the design is perfectly balanced

This Gorgeous Owl, beautiful colour work and that diamond heart is squee!


These super cute and full of meaning Russian Dolls, a shared Tattoo between three sisters


This one had to be included! A tattoo, and Buttons what more could one ask for!

old school keyhole tattoo

I also love this, the colours are great and the design is something I have never seen anywhere before.  I have a rubber stamp with four different vintage style Keyholes and I have always thought that it would make a wicked tattoo, then I found this beauty!  I may have to re visit the keyhole idea at some point in the future.


  1. Hey, those are my buttons! :D I found you through my flickr stats. I love the tats you posted, especially the owl. Gorgeous.

  2. Thank You! Me and my friend are in awe of your buttons! lol, I have my own but are very different and are part of a sleeve im working on, hopefully will be finished soon and I'll share!

  3. oh gosh! the russian dolls are amazing! hey, i just found this blog today and i love it!
    tone - http://swingsandroundabouts-blog.blogspot.com/

  4. @S and R - did you just post that you found your OWN blog? Seems a little out of integrity, don't you think? Why not just say you all had some things in common & you wanted to connect?

  5. Hey I'm the girl in the first picture! It's all colored in now :)