5 Dec 2010

For the Love of....

Beautiful Vintage Tins!

Vintage Candy Tin

Daher tin trays
Technically these are trays, but have to be one of the best designs I have seen so have to be included

This is so practical! And looks nice too!
Fantastic Storage Idea

These are a few of my favorite Tins.........

Knitting and Quality Street.

And this pretty set up and amazingly pretty collection of vintage Quality Street Tins


  1. I love tins! One of my most cherished tins is an old-fashioned Crayola Crayon tin I got for Christmas one year. It came with a whole box of crayons in it, but the tin was my favorite part!

  2. What a neat idea to put those tins and cans up as holders! I've got so many that are really nice but currently quite useless. Thanks for the tip!