16 Dec 2010

Tattoo inspired Goodies to own!!!!

Im totally in love with all things tattoo style as im designing a range of alt toys and purses for my shop come the new year, here are some beatuiful things I have found along the way....

This gorgeous necklace from Wicked Minky's Etsy Shop which I await eagerly for in the new year!!!!!!

Emily Peacock Hope cushion

This amazing Emily Peacock Tapestry Cushion is LOVE but alas i have way too many projects on the go and I also think my hubby has enough trouble with the amount of cushions on our sofas as it is!

Just in time for mother's day...

Super cute knitted plush heart!!!!!

'Do What You Love' bag

I think the sentiment behind this statement is great and I totally agree with it, also its a re-usable bag so totally green and cool at the same time! So double Yay!  Having found this image, I then walked into Primark yesterday and saw the most amazing tattoo image reusable tote! So of course had to get one!  In fact I may pop back and get another and have a giveaway! 

"Tattoo" dress for my niece Emily

and this dress is adorable for the little ones of alternative parents!  As much as I like high street clothing from H&M and stuff, nothing beats homemade or vintage and something a little alternative for the kids too!


  1. Awesome post!!! I looove the necklace...and lil dress, too!