19 Dec 2010

For the Love of....

Faux Bois (or Fake Wood)

I'm kinda loving these this theme at the moment, its totally kitsch in the best possible way and I have been slowly moving away from pale wood over to the dark side so to speak.  It started with a mid century side board which is identical to the one my Nan still owns (but my mother has laid claim to)

So here are some fantastic ways to get that little bit of Faux bois in your life and home.

heart pillow

This cute cushion, small and perfectly formed

This Fridge from Delightfully Tackys' blog is superb!  I first saw it over on Elsie's blog, then on another blog which I cant remember (as that is one of my major weaknesses...reading blogs).  This is definitely one to go on my possible decor changes for 2011!

Morning Wood, faux bois

These ties just kill me! Possibly the coolest and craziest thing I have ever seen, not sure I could convince hubby to don one of these though.

How about a extremely stylish Laptop Case available from HunterGatherer  They also sell lots of other cool wood grain products like, an IPhone Case, Skateboard Deck, Cushion, Magazine Stand and a wallet!  They obviously love wood grain too!

Upcycled jars

These up cycled jars, with faux bois contact paper (or fablon for us UK residents)  what a great way for using old jars as a cool storage idea

Pile of Logs!

A little pile of fake logs cushions!
Wood Grain Chucks

and last but not least Faux Bois Converse Chucks!  Could life get any better than these?


  1. I love those tennis shoes!!! So cute.

  2. those chucks are adorable, i also saw some beautiful faux bois xmas stockings on martha's show. the texture is great.

  3. I love the idea of those jars!

  4. I love faux bois too! Thanks for sharing this great inspiration! :)