2 Dec 2010

Decided that today I would start on the Christmassing?! (is that even a word) of our flat. Tree is up and decorated, I have also installed some fairy lights on our shelves in the living room, but I don't like the new LED White lights, was too cold and not warm enough! Bring back old school lights! Anyone have any ideas about where to get white cabled warm lights? In the UK let me know! Please! :)

Just a few close ups of our tree

Christmas Tree Close Up

Christmas Tree Close Up

Christmas Tree Close Up
We also have had loads of snow (for us South in the UK) which means the schools where closed today, hence Snowman building was on the agenda, although Rosie decided it should be Hello Kitty (a girl with taste). Here is our attempt, doesn't look very Hello Kitty like, but its definitely a cat! lol
Hello Kitty? Cat Snowman

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