7 Nov 2011

My faux Crystal Shoes Part 1

I found these shoes the other week in New Look, they are such great shoes that I will be going back to get another pair to keep as they are, but these beauties are to become something entirely different for New Years!

I'm not a big designer girl, but I do appreciate the beauty in these amazing shoes!!!!

But unfortunately I do not have £6000 for those shoes, so I'm doing a little DIY! Now, I'm not a sparkly shoes everyday girl I'm not even a real heels girl everyday, but I trying to branch out from the converse, so I have these great shoes that I'm going to transform, I also went with a slightly chunkier heel as they need to be slightly more practical!

Faux Shoes Before

I started by painting over the shoe in white acrylic, because sadly I could find a nice comfy 
shoe in white!

Faux Shoes Stage 2

Faux Shoes Stage 1
Then I added a layer of sparkly flexible fabric glue to protect the paint
Faux Shoes Stage 2

My next job is to stick 3000 diamante on the shoes! 

I ummed and erred over Swarovski vs acrylic Diamante and decided that the £13 acrylic ones will do as a test run, If I love them then perhaps I will invest the £100 I would need to spend on real Swarovski, I know they wont sparkle as much as the real thing, but sometime costs are what makes the decision! 

I'll Keep you posted when they are done! 


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  1. Wow that's quite some ambitious shoe-making-over! Bet they look great when they're done though. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the finished product! Jen x