4 Sep 2011

Tattoo Love

Nintendo Edition

I've been playing alot of Mario recently and reminds me of my childhood, going over to my cousins house to play in the SNES for hours over the summer holidays!

Heres some Nintendo Love in the form of Tattoos...
This amazing Leg piece, the design and colour are amazing!  and the addition of the little smiling clouds at the top, just make my day!

This cool sleeve, great colour and a little bit more my style, love the background!

I didnt play much Kirby back in the day, but this is a very cute tattoo, with pretty rainbows and great clouds

I like the simplicity of the stars in this one, but not sold on the placement

Pixelated Lives Hearts!

and an absoloute classic...

Tetris...in a heart shape!
(bit of an over exposed photo, but I couldn't find a better one!)

Back Soon

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