18 Apr 2012


Wow, I have been a bad blogger, but I do have my reasons!  It started at the beginnning of the year, I have been feeling so run down, exhausted (like napping in the afternoon kinda exhausted) I then came down with the flu and had been feeling mostly like poo for weeks.  So blogging has been on the bottom of my priorities unfortunately!
But I have an excuse....

We are expecting baby No. 3!
We are super excited and a little apprehensive but are mainly super excited to be having a little bundle again.
Because of this and now I have got over the first 3 months of knakeredness! We have plenty to do around our little flat to make it livable for a family of 5, including swapping the kiddos bedroom with ours (as ours is massive)  I cant wait to show some little updates and DIY as I have lots of things that I want to paint and get organised before the baby!


  1. Awww Congratulations! My third was the easiest by far! Hope you get a bit of energy soon xx